Messaggio alle socie WIZO della Presidente Susanna Sciaky su pandemia


Milano, 22 marzo 2020

Dear sisters in Israel, dear sisters all over the world

I wait many days to write you because, in Italy, you know, we’re breathless : every moment, more and more infected and dead. No light, till now, to get out of this nightmare.On behalf of all my haveroth of Adei Wizo Italy, I want to thank you all for your solidarity. We really do what matters and you,with your continuous and warm presence, are really doing what matters for us. Wizo is sisterhood and together, with love, strength and courage, will defeat this danger, to start again our lives and our commitment for Wizo and all our Institutions, stronger than before. Toda, thank you , grazie

Susanna Sciaky

President of Adei Wizo Italy