Messaggio da Presidente mondiale Esther MOR e chairperson Anita Friedman per centenario WIZO

Dear WIZO chaverot,

Six months ago, over 600 of us, WIZO members from dozens of countries on six continents, joined together in an incredible show of force, sisterhood and solidarity with WIZO and the people of Israel, as we launched our Centennial celebrations at the EGM in Tel Aviv.

Yesterday, July 11, 2020, WIZO turned 100.

This has been 100 years of building, creating, educating, caring, empowering, protecting, nurturing and building a society here in Eretz Yisrael, first in the pre-State Yishuv, and, from 1948, in our beloved State of Israel.

In the course of these 100 years, WIZO has become one of Israel’s most important pillars, touching the lives of millions.

And over these 100 years, generations of women in Israel, and in every Jewish community the world over, have  created and sustained a truly magnificent movement of volunteers, devoting their time, energy, love and devotion to building WIZO, the Jewish people, and Israel.

We are all heirs to the founders of this great movement and inspiring tradition. We are the heirs not only to Rebecca Sieff and the heroic and visionary group of women she led in founding WIZO in 1920, but to the founders of WIZO federations worldwide, and of generations of strong, dedicated WIZO women who came after them – for many of us, our mothers and grandmothers.

Today, as we celebrate the amazing achievements of our movement, we shall not forget, not even for one moment, that we are the heirs to this magnificent legacy,  we shall rededicate ourselves, each and every day, to perpetuating this legacy, and building upon it for the benefit of future generations.

As we celebrate this extraordinary milestone, we would like to hear from you – and how you feel about being part of the WIZO movement at this historic moment. We encourage you to visit the World WIZO Facebook  page, which for the coming week will be devoted exclusively to our Centennial celebration, and leave your comments, thoughts and wishes.

Sending our love and wishes for good health, and praying that the day will come soon that we may meet here again in Israel.


With warmest regards,
Esther Mor                                         Anita Friedman
President, World WIZO                    Chairperson, World WIZO