World Children’s Day

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-19 at 14.58.31This year, the UN-designated World Children’s Day theme is “investing in the future,” which means investing in children.
For over 100 years, WIZO has continued to build on its founding mothers’ vision, providing early childhood care at the highest level according to need. Life-saving foster homes, 182 day care centers, some with extended hours and services, ensure that even the most at-risk children receive all the love, care, and attention they need
WIZO believes in equal education for all children regardless of religion, class or creed, and invests in building a better future for Israel’s children with a wide range of enrichment and resilience programs. This ethos continues throughout childhood to the teenage years, providing tools for a productive lifestyle, teaching values to carry through to adulthood.
Dedicated caregivers, social workers, educational staff, and volunteers embrace WIZO’s children. So, too, do WIZO friends and supporters worldwide who know that to invest in the children is to invest in Israel’s future.
To WIZO, every day is Children’s Day.